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twigBIG, the AR Social Shopping App Had 12x App Downloads and Users Growth

twigBIG is a high-tech startup; it is a social eCommerce marketplace in fashion and beauty. twigBIG old brand was weak and not perfectly representing the key and unique values of the business, and the business model of twigBIG itself since its launch has changed; therefore, the brand had to change accordingly along with all of its products.

twigBIG values mainly are credible/reliable shopping while having an entertaining shopping experience, and at the same time, the overall impression should reflect the luxury. Based on these inputs, we have sketched multiple variants of the logo that represent the values till we got to the right one in the right color, font, and tone that perfectly deliver these values and which were confirmed by the existing clients of twigBIG who deeply live the experience of twigBIG.

The challenge was to make the rebranding without losing the customers and deliver in a short time then implement the brand across all existing products and touchpoints of twigBIG. We have succeeded in that and the results were in numbers highlight astonishing because the rebranding had helped to increase the customer retention 40% and the sales 50%..

The app downloads increased 12x within 3 months and user signups reached 250K users.